Week 5 – I M H O

ImageIn my humble opinion.  Is there any such thing?

This week in the MKMMA, we are challenged to refrain from opinions.  Holy moly!  Do I have any thoughts that aren’t opinions?  It doesn’t seem like it!  Here’s the answer – I am an expression of the One Mind.  His thoughts are expressed through me, when I get my self-importance out of the way.  Opinion = self-importance.  This has just occurred to me as I’m writing.  We have to get self out of the way, in order to be pure expression.

This week in the Master Key System, Haanel tells us, “If then the spirit is all there is, upon the recognition of this fact must depend the ability to demonstrate all power, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.”  Can we demonstrate all power if we’re imposing false, limited, limiting opinions over it?  In a book that I love, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, we read, “…we must act as possessing all power from Him in whom we have our being.”  Our power comes from the source of all life.


Do you love yourself?  Accept your inheritance, and get out of your own way!!  Inheritance, you ask?  In Matthew 25, Jesus says:  “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:”  Haanel speaks of our inheritance, and explains that we have to use what we’ve been given.  How do we use what we’ve been given?  By sharing it with others, by loving others enough to not judge them.  So, we move forward, away from negativity, away from judgement of others, away from comparisons to others (isn’t a comparison an opinion?)

Five weeks in to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I find within myself someone I barely know.  I do believe I like her.


Week 4 – …and who are you?

building-foundation-2In thinking this week about who I really am, I recognize a foundation that was built from when I was young.  I haven’t always trusted that foundation, but I knew it was there.  That foundation was based on statements from the Bible.  We read in 2nd Timothy:  “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his.”  And there’s Jesus’ parable of the houses built on rock and sand.  The house built on rock stood firm through adverse conditions, while that built on sand fell, and great was the fall of it!house sand fall

A foundation is the most important part of any structure.  It supports that which is built upon it.  Looking back to the Bible again, we read in Genesis 1 that God created everything by speaking it into creation, made man and woman in His image, and “God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

God created me, and He did it right!  I am VERY GOOD!  God being perfect in His being, and I being made in His image (reflection), I must be perfect also.  What a wonderful gift!

tucking inWhen I was young, Mom would tuck me into bed with a nightly routine of prayer, and she would conclude with asking me, “…and who are you?”  The response was, “I am God’s perfect child right now, and nothing can ever change that.”

Sometimes through the adverse conditions we appear to experience, we might lose sight of our foundation.  It becomes obscured from our view.  As we work to reacquaint ourselves with this foundation, the light which always  shines from our hearts becomes clear, and who we really are is manifested (revealed).  We see the kingdom of God which is WITHIN US, and we understand that all that God made (and He made everything!) is very good.heart shine

Week 3 – Hold it in your thought!

What do you desire in life?  It’s very important that you know this, that you write it down, that you imagine it in your mind.  We are so much more capable than we believe.




As I’ve progressed through the wonderful training provided by Mark J. (worldslaziestnetworker.com), I’ve written down my Definite Major Purpose.  This was a challenge.  We’ve learned not to dream, or, if we allow ourselves to dream it’s with a sense of despair, with an idea that we cannot have the things about which we dream.  Here’s a surprise:  WE CAN!!  In order to help myself to acquire what I want, I’ve created a picture collage.  What do you think of it?  I printed out a copy and put it on the wall over my desk so I may look at it as I work.  I also set it up as the wallpaper on my computer.

So, this week in the Master Key System by Haanel, we’re learning that we are radiant.  We are learning that if we shine our light, we are attractive, magnetic, and that we can help others to shine.  These are things I’ve always known, but that knowledge was relegated to the dusty bins of my mind’s memories because I accepted things about myself and others that aren’t true.  As I read Haanel and Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman in the World, I’m having many AH HAH! moments.  I’m more positive and happy than I’ve been in years, and eager to move forward quickly.  That would not work well, just as trying to lift too much weight when you start to work out has bad repercussions.  Patience is being developed, among other qualities.  Can’t avoid it.  This is good:  “Persist in this practice until you come to a realization of the fact that there can be no failure in the accomplishment of any proper object in life if you but understand your power and persist in your object, because the mind-forces are ever ready to bend themselves to a purposeful will, in the effort to crystalize thought and desire in to actions, events, and conditions.”  (Haanel, The Master Key System) Here we’re told about the power that we each possess!  Did you know that you had such power?  I’m having fun learning how to exercise it!  What a wonderful thing this is!  I look forward to seeing the results of this exercise.

Week 2 ends, week 3 begins – a lesson on change

My mom was a first grade teacher, and loved what she did.  She was also avidly interested in butterflies.  She would seek out, in particular, Monarch eggs/caterpillars and take them to school.  monarch-caterpillarHer students would watch them develop.  Monarch  caterpillars eat only milkweed.  Dad would collect it for her from the fields around our house, and she’d take it to school for the caterpillars.  There’s a benefit for the caterpillars and butterflies from this diet – it makes them taste bad, so birds avoid them.  The caterpillars, with their distinctive white, yellow, and black stripes, are rather pretty, don’t you think?  So, they eat constantly and grow quickly.  Then, one day, they stop eating, and prepare for a major change.

These caterpillars will climb to a random spot and attach themselves, hanging upside down, and, over a period of hours, they will shed their skins and become a chrysalis.  Thanks to Mom’s fascination with butterflies, I know that there are five major differences between butterflies and moths, one being that moths spin a cocoon, and butterflies form a chrysalis. Monarch Chrysalis2monarch-emerging The Monarch chrysalis begins as a lovely green shape with gold flecks.  Over time, the color changes to black and orange, as the chrysalis changes to a butterfly, and when the time is right, the butterfly emerges.  Oh, he’s not yet ready to fly!  His wings are small and smushed, his body fat.  He has to work to move fluids into his wings, and then wait for them to dry!  Then he’s free to fly away.

monarch butterflyWhy the science lesson, you ask?

This transformation is similar to that through which I and others are going during our Master Key Master Mind Alliance class.

butterfly weirdWe are learning things about ourselves that we’ve long forgotten, we are growing, we are changing.  In the end, we will see in ourselves the beauty and grace of the butterfly, and we will recognize our freedom.  As we read in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World, “Today my old skin has become as dust.  I will walk tall among men, and they will know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.”