Week 13 – “I and my Father are one.”

This week, we’re reading part 13 of The Master Key System – this is the halfway mark!  I’ve come so far, but still feel that I have far to go.


Christmas was a delight in our home.  While it appeared that our budget was tight, we had gifts under the tree.  I received one of the best gifts ever – my sons went to the beach at 6 am one morning (that, in itself, is a MIRACLE!! 6 AM?!?!?) with the girlfriend of my second son.  She’s a photographer.  They took pictures at the beach, she framed them, and they gave them to me as gifts.  I cried.  Such a beautiful, thoughtful thing to do.

December 2013

I have a favorite musician, Mindy Jostyn, whose music is unfortunately not available in video form.  Two of her CDs are spiritually based.  She has written a piece based on Jesus’ statement, “I and my Father are one.”   The melody is beautiful and soothing, and the lyrics, seen below, exemplify and amplify the lessons we’ve been learning these past thirteen weeks.

Like a river that runs to the ocean, Like a ray reaching out from the sun, Like the leaf and the vine, the grape and the wine, I and my Father are one
And may each of us claim it as truly, As the man who we heard was His son, And may each of us know in the depths of his soul, I and my Father are one
One in beauty, one in truth, One in the asking, one in the proof, One in time and one in space, One in the goodness that flows from His grace
Though our fears may estrange and divide us, May we seek to dissolve them through love, We are sister and brother, each bound to the other, And one with our Father above
One in purpose, one in power, One in the moment, one with a flower, One in kindness, one in peace, One in the Mind that foresees our release
Like a seedling that grows in the forest, Like the light shining forth from the sun, Like a branch and the tree, a drop and the sea, A hymn and the choir, a flame and the fire, I and my Father are one

Here’s another of her songs. Very nice and really uplifting.

Gratitude11This week, we’re focusing on gratitude.   I’m grateful for uplifting music, which, in times of emotional turmoil, are a gift of solace and peace.


33 thoughts on “Week 13 – “I and my Father are one.”

  1. Sue, this is absolutly beautiful. Where can one find that song? The lyrics, even without the melody, say it all.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your heart so beautifully.

  2. Reblogged this on masterkeyvaleska and commented:
    Sue shares so beautifully her heart, the heart of this season, the heart of why we embark upon this journey, and what we are learning in Week 13. What a joy to read it, and an even greater joy to share it with you.

  3. Thanks for all these nice feeling. And thanks to remind us that it is summer for you, we who appreciate the joy and beauty of the winter. Contrasts emphases what we have. Thanks.

  4. Gifts from the heart are always the most precious! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. And Thank You for sharing this beautiful and uplifting song. I have found a new artist to listen to. 🙂

  5. Sue B. I’m grateful for YOU. You have a wonderful spirit of honesty and a pure heart. Your faith is your guide and your family is your love. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us.

  6. Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing. I am grateful for this group. I have the Diva group in my index cards. Love the photo!

  7. What an incredible way to end the year. Your gratefulness is pervasive as seen in the way the family responds to your positive mental diet with a classic photo of their LOVE… quite a memory captured for your enjoyment upon each glance

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