Week 17a – The Hero’s Journey!

Joseph Campbell is a researcher who studied mythology in many cultures throughout history.  His discovery, that all cultures had a hero’s journey story, shows that it’s a common theme.  In wikipedia, it’s referred to as a monomyth.

Here’s an image that summarizes this journey:  hero journey

This story is seen in every popular movie you’ve ever watched.

You’ve received the Call to Adventure in your lifetime.  We all have.  What has your response been?  Do you stay where you are, satisfied with your dissatisfaction?  How silly that is. Change your position, take the Adventure!!  There will be difficulties and trials.  You may feel that you’re stuck in the Abyss.  Stand strong, the revelation will come!  With that comes transformation, you leave behind the unsatisfactory as you discover your true self, the hero within!

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  -Joseph Campbell

Watch this movie:  Finding Joe  It’s enlightening!  Watch it with your kids, and discuss it with them.  Help them to start their hero’s journey early, so that they can live their adult lives KNOWING that they’re heroes.  It’s a beautiful gift.


Week 17 – Dominion

We have dominion!!

We are in control! controlWhen we TAKE control of ourselves, we are able to direct our energies to a specific goal.  We can achieve whatever we desire.  Unswerving purpose attracts success.control 2

When you focus your thinking on these FACTS, you will demonstrate the truth of them.

It took me a long time to understand the learning process, but I figured it out a few years ago.  It’s not new to the world, obviously, but I didn’t get it.  We learn a new thing, then we have to do it.  The action of the new knowledge increases our understanding of said knowledge, and prepares us to learn another new and more difficult thing.  It’s an ongoing cycle.  Learning CycleLearn, demonstrate, learn from the demonstration, learn, demonstrate, learn from the demonstration…

An important thing to learn is the source of all power.  Haanel, in the Master Key System, tells us that “…the man who has found the true source of power … is no longer interested in [power’s] shams or pretentions.”

learnmoreDo not content yourself with your present knowledge.  There’s more to learn!

It’s also important to not let previous “knowledge,” learned from perhaps incorrect sources, to keep you from learning Truth.  Haanel also tells us:  “If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.”  We can resolve ANY erroneous human condition, disease, lack, fear, etc., by concentrating on health, abundance, and courage!!  We have dominion over the whole earth!  Claim your dominion!  Express your power!  Demonstrate the Truth of your being.  When you do, you will see yourself as whole, perfect strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!I am whole

Week 16. Get Rid of Stinking Thinking!!

stinking thinking 3Man, do these thoughts stink:
“I can’t.” “It won’t happen for me!” “I’m never going to make it.”  “I’m afraid.”  “I’m afraid of <insert your fear here>.”

This list is long and terrible!!


You get to choose.  You may choose how you think, what you feel, how you deal with your challenges.  stinking thinking 1Would you let a wild skunk in to your house?  Of course not!!  So, why let nasty, negative thoughts reside in your mind?

We worked on the Seven Day Mental Diet several weeks ago, and I continue to endeavor to maintain that diet. stinking thinking 5 The better I do at it, the better I feel, and I know that this attitude will help me to achieve success!  We’ve cleaned all kinds of nonsense out of our mental home.

This week’s assignments include looking for and sharing examples of kindnesses that we see as we go about our day.  This has been fun!  Looking for kindnesses makes it harder to look for negative things about myself or others.  If you do one, you don’t have time for the other.  mental home 1We’re filling up our cleaned up mental spaces with good things!  Because – what you think about grows.

Kindness abounds in the world.  People letting others go first, siblings helping each other, co-workers giving a hand.  Change your viewpoint!  “I can be what I will to be.”  Be kind to yourself!!stinking thinking 8

stinking thinking 4

Week 15 – Aphids and Roses

beautiful-blue-rose-wallpaper1We read this week in The Master Key System, by Haanel, that a study was done in which rose plants were brought indoors and allowed to die.  The aphids, tiny wingless insects that live on the roses, grew wings to fly off of the dying plants in search of sustenance, and were found on the inside of the windows, looking for a way out.

Surely I’m more capable than an aphid!Rumi---Change-Myself

Haanel goes on to say, “Experiments such as these indicate that Omniscience as well as Omnipotence is omnipresent and that the tiniest living thing can take advantage of it in an emergency.”

This week, I decided I needed to change my vehicle, the company with which I’ve been working.  It’s a fine company with wonderful products, but I wasn’t succeeding.  I know where the responsibility lies.  I acknowledge that I could have done more, but I felt lost and powerless.  The operative word there is “felt.”  Paolo-Coelho---Tell-Your-HeartThe world without is determined by the world within, and my feelings were holding me back.  I was stagnating.

Someone I met during the last year, when I tried a different company (I’ve been all over the map!) which was a startup and had all kinds of problems, approached me about another opportunity. 1528636_508613985919592_913973772_n I waffled.  I hesitated.  I felt (there it is again!) unsure.  Finally I decided to accept his offer.  There are good reasons.  So, it’s done, and I’m moving on with this.

1499595_10152064931877863_1206974059_nI’ve developed an interest in becoming a life coach.  Researching information has helped me, but suddenly I find myself interacting with another of our MKMMA group who’s involved in personal coaching!!  She’s encouraging me to obtain certification in the program in which she’s certified, and I’m eager to do this.  The means have yet to be found, but I’m going to manifest them!!

1470395_10152105073343685_249253325_nPeople and opportunities are finding a place in my life where I’ve made room for them.  I’m so grateful to God for moving me forward even when I thought I was standing still.