Week 21- Spiritual laws by which we live

Spiritual laws?  What are they?  Is there a list?!?!?

Free DictionaryLet’s begin by looking up the definition of “law.”  One assumes one knows the meaning of a word.  We use this one often.  A law is a rule established by the government…  Hm.  True.  In the Free Dictionary, one definition is:  a way of life.  Another:  A statement describing a relationship observed to be invariable between or among phenomena for all cases in which the specified conditions are met.

There’s one list of spiritual laws with which many are familiar – the Ten Commandments.  ten_commandmentsI used to consider these to be constraints.  Things I must do, things I’m not allowed to do.  With some study, I came to understand that, in fact, the Commandments define a relationship – the relationship between God and His children.  Even wikipedia defines them as “principles relating to ethics and worship.”  The first four commandments instruct us in how to relate to God:  No other gods before me, no idols or worshipping of material things, don’t take the Lord’s name (identity) in vain, keep the Sabbath Day holy.  He loves us, so we should love and respect Him.  The final six commandments define our relationships with each other and remind us of God’s provision for us and who we are.  Honor your parents, don’t murder, don’t commit adultery (stay pure!), don’t steal, don’t bear false witness (see the truth about others), don’t think you need what others have.  So, those are some clear spiritual laws, or principles.

There are more to be found in the Bible.  Man is made in God’s image.  God saw everything he had made, and it was VERY good.  Not just good, but VERY good.  God is Love.  God is a Spirit.  Hang on, if God is a Spirit, and we’re made in His image….  Hmmm.

Hubby and I went to see “Son of God” tonight in the theater.  Very well done movie of Jesus’ life.  They had a scene about Jesus walking on the water, with Peter getting out of the boat to go to him.  peter waterAs I watched Peter exit the boat, his attention was intently on Jesus’ face.  He took no notice of his surroundings, just got out of the boat to obey Jesus’ call.  When he allowed his attention to wander, he saw the storm, the waves, and – holy moly – he was OUT OF THE BOAT!  With that, fear took over, and he sank into the water.  Jesus had to lift him back up, and chastised him for his lack of faith.

This experience of Peter’s is a clear illustration of the spiritual law that we’ve been practicing in the MKMMA – When your attention is so strongly on your goals that you see nothing else, you can do ANYTHING.

Here’s another spiritual law:  Happiness is the Truth!  


Week 20 – Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know – Charles Demoret

ocean-storm-wallpaperLashed by the storm, Flinging her waves on high
The ocean seeks in vain to reach the sky.
But when serenely still her waters rest,
In mirrored loveliness
The stars lie on her breast.ocean stars
Be still and know, be still and know

No storms of mortal sense
Can dim the glory of divine Omnipotence.
No clouds of doubt can fill our hearts with fear
Be still, be still, and feel His presence here.

earthWe need not strive as toward some distant star,
But know that God is ever where we are.
And when the storm is past, still, still as before,
The consciousness of love is ours,
The consciousness of love is ours,
Forever more, forever more, forever more.

Finding that consciousness of love is the goal of this wonderful MKMMA course.  The truths we’re learning and practicing have been known for a very long time.  It’s not new, but it sure is powerful!!

stick with it

Week 19 – Mayday, mayday, mayday!!

The biggest and best benefit of being in a mastermind alliance is the SUPPORT!!sos

Feeling lost and overwhelmed this week, I reached out to my lovely ladies with whom I speak twice weekly.  lifesaverThey are the best!  None of that nonsense would they tolerate!!  Corrections were immediate, firm, and loving.  Such a wonderful blessing, to have this support system!  I’m grateful to them all.

Before I hit my crisis moment, in our Saturday discussion another in our group voiced the same despair that I came to feel yesterday.  She thought perhaps she should leave our group, since we’re supposed to be in perfect harmony.  Hotel CaliforniaI told her, this is the Hotel California – you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.  I was reminded of this as I voiced my own challenges.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I am blessed beyond measure.

stinking thinking 8



Week 18 – Embrace ALL that life has to offer!

Pool-001Abundance.  Life is abundance.  It is abundantly joyful, it is abundantly filled with loved ones, and it is occasionally abundantly filled with sadness.

This week, on Monday, we said our last goodbyes to a family member of the canine variety.  New Lense Test Shoot-025She had been a member of our family from the time she was very small, and for sixteen years she gave us love, fun, and companionship.  She was “the bestest girlie ever,” and her name was Cappy, short for Cappucino.  She was smart, she was communicative, she was fierce when someone came to our door or walked by our house (the NERVE of those people, walking on our sidewalk!!).

Our house has been filled with quiet sadness amidst and beneath the laughter and ruckus of every day life.  No longer have we two dogs and two cats.  Just one dog, who is clinging close to his people.   She was his Mommy when he joined our family, so patient and tender with him.  She’d offer him that rope to play tug-of-war.Animals-015

The cats?  Not sure they’ve deigned to notice her absence.

She was a frequent photo-bomber in the family pictures!  Silly girl.

Jimmy Birthday-019

I am so grateful for the joy of having her in our family and of the memories she leaves behind,Cappy photobomb001 and I’m so grateful for the grace of her departure.  It was time.  We’d been watching carefully, wondering and debating how you’d know when the time was right, and when it was, we knew.IMG_0151  I’m grateful for that understanding as well.  I’m grateful for the lessons my sons educed, watching the progression of her life, their patience and care as she lost the ability to coordinate the front with the back, their non-reluctant but displeased acceptance of having to clean up when she lost control.  I’m so grateful for the maturity and love of my sons, the support of my husband and friends during this challenging week.Healing