Week 20 – Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know – Charles Demoret

ocean-storm-wallpaperLashed by the storm, Flinging her waves on high
The ocean seeks in vain to reach the sky.
But when serenely still her waters rest,
In mirrored loveliness
The stars lie on her breast.ocean stars
Be still and know, be still and know

No storms of mortal sense
Can dim the glory of divine Omnipotence.
No clouds of doubt can fill our hearts with fear
Be still, be still, and feel His presence here.

earthWe need not strive as toward some distant star,
But know that God is ever where we are.
And when the storm is past, still, still as before,
The consciousness of love is ours,
The consciousness of love is ours,
Forever more, forever more, forever more.

Finding that consciousness of love is the goal of this wonderful MKMMA course.  The truths we’re learning and practicing have been known for a very long time.  It’s not new, but it sure is powerful!!

stick with it


8 thoughts on “Week 20 – Be Still and Know

  1. Sue, I love the pictures, the storminess I know I’ve experienced within too often threatens to spill over and out, but the beauty of the stillness, which yields the lovely view of a thousand stars in the sky along with the lovely light of the moon, not once, but twice when reflected onto the stillness of the water, I’ve seen that moonlight dance like a million diamonds and want to be that reflection of Light. Love the poem.

  2. Sue, Thank you for the Let There Be Love poem. We sang a song in church – Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. I would think about love beginning with me. Love has been a theme of mine for years. This a great reminder.

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