About Me

Every day I strive for improvement of my ideas about myself and the world around me.   Six months ago, my sister and I found Mark J. and the Fabulous Davene and their Go90Grow course, which has led me to find a stronger sense of the God-given abilities that are within me.  Now I’m enrolled in their Master Key Master Mind Alliance course, which is even more demanding, and I’m loving the journey!!Sue

Having three jobs makes my life busy and fulfilling, but something’s been missing.  I’ve begun to find it in working with Mark J. and the Fabulous Davene!  I am eager to learn more each day, and am, for the first time since I was quite young, excited about the future!

My three jobs are as follows:

  • Independent distributor @ Yoli, the Better Body Company – betterbodyvitality.com
  • Soloist at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Melbourne, FL
  • Master Brain Trainer at LearningRx in Melbourne, FL

All are rewarding positions!  I look forward to enhancing my successes in each as I improve my understanding and change my blueprint!


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