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Melbourne Woman Interviewed by Billy Mays

July 18, 2016

Billy Mays here!  I interviewed Sue Bryant, a hugely successful Network Marketer and Certified Life Coach.  We met on the front porch of herdream house magnificent home on 10 acres on the Space Coast of Florida.  Sue’s slender frame was draped in a beautiful dress of blue and white, as she greeted me graciously.  We sat at a table that was draped with a yellow checked tablecloth, and Sue served us a cold drink.  A cobalt vase of red, orange, and yellow marigolds sat at the center of the table.marigold

I began with a pointed question.  “How have you found such a high level of success?”  Sue looked pensively out across her property, and as I followed her gaze, I admired the lush green landscaping, which sparkled with flowers of blue and red.

“It all began in 2013 when my sister referred me to a wonderful website: by Mark Januszewski.  Mark J for short.  Mark provides on this site free training for network marketers.  I hadn’t realized before this that network marketing is a skill-based business.  I found his training interesting, but at that time I was afraid to talk to people about my business opportunity.  I’d tried several different types of companies, with little success.  My friends and family were mostly uninterested in what I had to say when I shared these opportunities.  I entered my email at Mark’s site, and began to receive correspondence from him.  Not long after, there were a series of free videos promoting his training course, Go90Grow, for which my sister and I signed up.  I had no idea that my life was about to change forever.”go90grow

landscapes001I was surprised by this statement, and asked her to explain how an online training course could have such a profound effect.

“It seems that my problem was deeper than I expected.  I learned that I needed to change how I think, how I approach my life.  Part of this wonderful program is an in-depth study of the book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, which Mark runs with his wife, The Fabulous Davene.  The first time I started this program, I made it about half-way through.  It was difficult.  It made me realize that I needed to change my “blueprint,” the foundational program of my subconscious mind which was making incorrect decisions.  I had to battle with myself on a daily basis to get the work done, and I finally backed away from it.  When Mark began the course again, I was eager and determined this time to finish the course, and I did, although I probably didn’t give it 100%.  Then, Mark announced that he was going to be giving free scholarships to his course, MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance).  I couldn’t wait!!  It was even more intense than Think and Grow Rich, and was based on “The Master Key System,” by Charles Haanel, and “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” by Og Mandino.  Boy, was I glad I’d gone through Think and Grow Rich first!  I’m not sure how far I’d have gotten in the MKMMA if I hadn’t.  But the struggle, the challenge, the discomfort, the tears were all worth it.  I came away from this intensive training a totally new woman!  Through the course of six months, all of my fears, my insecurites, my apparent limitations vanished as though they’d never been.  I can barely remember the woman I thought I was.”

“Is that the end of your story?” I queried.but-wait-theres-more-billy-mays-tshirt

“Not even close,” Sue exclaimed!  “I was so grateful for the blessings that I’d found in the courses that I asked to be allowed to work with Mark and Davene in their future courses to help others to have what I’ve got!  For we learned in these programs that in order to gain, we must give, and to keep what we have we have to share it! After a time, I decided to become a Certified Life Coach, in order to help others on a one-on-one basis.  All of the work I did through the training provided by Mark and Davene caused me to change my life in so many ways!”

I looked around the beautiful front porch on which we were sitting.  Colorful rugs dotted the floor in brilliant hues.  Chairs were casually distributed for conversation or relaxation.  The rail was painted a vivid white, the floor natural wood.   “May I have a tour of your home?”  Sue arose, and as we walked through the beautiful house, I was struck by the sense of order and peace therein.  “I’ll bet you’ve always been a great housekeeper,” I stated.

“You might think so,” said Sue, “but no, I haven’t.  My husband once diagnosed me with Horizontal Surface Syndrome!  Any horizontal surface was cluttered with all kinds of random stuff.  I’d clean a room and announce that I’d found the floor!”

We laughed.

She went on, “My sense of order grew out of the change in my way of thinking.  This enabled me to find success in my business, as well.  As I came to know myself as God knows me, my entire experience became harmonious and energized.”

The home is spacious, with gleaming wood floors, beautiful, brightly colored rugs, casually comfortable furnishings.  In the music room, there’sred corvette for Al a grand piano, which has atop it a round, red vase full of amazingly colored tulips.  In the game room, I saw a pool table whose rectangular blue top is decorated with a triangle of multicolored pool balls, ready for play, and a dart board on the wall.  In the large screened-in pool area, there resides a summer kitchen and a dining area.  Sue took me into the five car garage – the floor is covered in white and blue squares, the walls a brilliant white.  Red Craftsman tool boxes line one area of the wall.  I saw her husband’s red Corvette and bright blue Dodge truck, her white Tesla, which she informed me is partially paid for with a company-earned luxury car bonus, a red Cadillac Escalade, and two gleaming custom-built motorcycles, one yellow, one blue.

front_porchWe made our way back to the lovely front porch.  I asked her if she had any other thoughts to share, and she nodded quietly.

“Yes.  I want your readers to know that anyone can achieve what I’ve achieved, that within each of us is a seed of greatness.”


13 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Sue B….You are the REAL thing! You wear your emotions on your sleeve; so transparent and down to earth. I’m so happy you found your bliss and you’re helping others by paying it forward with your time, talent, and treasure – for you truly are a treasure!!!

  2. Sue B……awesome I felt like I was there…watching the interview. The passing it forward tag on the end is great. Can I borrow it for my Press Release, please

  3. Sue, you are a tenacious women!!! I LOVE your determination and perseverance. No matter how controlling our old blueprints once were, they have no defense against us, especially with this kind of work ethic!

  4. Well done, Sue! You always have the best pictures! Just want to also let you know that your Sue’s Facebook Page in the right column? Is it supposed to be a vertical white box with nothing in it? Congratulations, too, I can relate to your Go90Grow experiences as well.

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